My Life Mentor, Ikeda Sensei


My Life Mentor, Ikeda Sensei

He brings light to humanity that penetrates through the darkness, giving hope and love to all mankind.

He undertakes the vow from his mentor, Josei Toda, to propagate the Mystic Law. Without his painstaking effort through days and nights, I would not have encountered this Law and Nicheren Daishonin’s teaching.

Following his mentor-disciple spirit in proving the greatness of the Law, I have surpassed my destiny and emerged as a true victor at the finishing line.

I am indebted and grateful to this person of great love and compassion and he is none other than my life mentor, Dr Daisaku Ikeda.

Daisaku IkedaPresented to Dr. Daisaku Ikeda
This is a piece that Martin created for Ikeda Sensei in silence and was uncovered only after his passing. This mystical piece was then presented to Ikeda Sensei on 17 July 2009 which marked Martin’s 100th memorial day. A day before that, Ikeda Sensei was conferred with the 258th Doctorate from Brazil University of Rondonia.
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