13 April 2016

13 April 2016 marks the 7th year of Martin’s passing. It also marks the completion of the foundation laid for the Love and Compassion project as well as the beginning of its flowering phase in creating value, touching hearts and transforming lives.

Instead of unveiling Martin’s remaining works via an exhibition, I’ve decided to release them on this significant day here on the newly furnished If the earlier released works are the manifestation of Martin’s enlightened state of life, then this last batch of remaining works will be the footprints behind his legacy of victory – the very tough and mortified life journey that he had sailed through in search of his value, meaning and the purpose of his existence in this lifetime.

Some of these works can be found in my book, “Love and Compassion” while some have never been shown before. I took a longer time to copy-write these works as they have reminded me the painful journey that Martin had travelled in battling his degenerative illness. Along the way to copy-write these pieces, I could feel his fear, helplessness, intense pain, frustration, and anger so vividly and strongly that I have to stop the process intermittently before tears deluged my heart like rain. Nevertheless, I am grateful to have completed the copy-writing of these artworks in 2013.

In unveiling the next lap of the Love and Compassion project, be touched and inspired by Martin’s remaining 50 artworks released on 13 April 2016. Very soon, some of these works will also be showcased via a DigiArt Exhibition.

With deepest gratitude,
Sandra Choo
13 April 2016